What Toy To Choose For A New Arrival?

If you have a friend or family member who’s having a new baby you might be looking for baby gifts in the UK to welcome the new youngster to the world. Toys are always a safe bet, especially if you don’t know what gender the baby will be.

However, there are so many options on the market that it can sometimes be challenging to choose one that will be useful and loved.

As an article for Good to Know recently explained, there are many options when it comes to toys for newborns. Toys that go in a baby’s crib can serve many purposes. They might be brightly coloured and visually appealing, or they might make a sound that’s designed to soothe a tired baby.

Of course there are also plenty of toys that are made using various materials and textures, which also aid with a little one’s sensory development.

Don’t forget that toys can also include the likes of mobiles, which hang over a crib, so you’re not only restricted to buying toys that a baby can grab and play with.

As an article for the Mirror pointed out last year, young babies love multi-sensory toys, which means they’re able to feel different textures when they grasp them or put them in their mouths, as well as make sound with them.

Colour also plays a role in these toys and, as the newspaper noted, “young babies love to listen to things that rattle and shake”. If you’re not a parent yourself and aren’t sure where to start with buying a gift for a new baby, a multi-sensory toy is a great option.