What Are The UK’s Most Popular Baby Names?

We all know that naming your baby is an intensely personal choice, but it’s funny how certain names seem to receive a boost in popularity at different times.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently released its latest list of the top names for boys and girls whose births were registered in England and Wales in 2019. For girls, Olivia and Amelia maintained their spots at the top. For boys, Oliver and George have stayed at the top, the Guardian reported.

Isla was the third most popular girl’s name, while Ava was in at number four. Meanwhile, the newspaper also noted that the name Dua, after singer Dua Lipa, has doubled in popularity in England and Wales since the singer had her first number one single in 2017.

Noah and Arthur were the third and fourth placed boys’ names, meanwhile. Tommy was named as the biggest climber in the boy’s chart, jumping some 24 places up the list from 2018 to reach 26th place.

Interestingly, the names Freya and Lily made it into the top ten for girls, with Emily and Ella pushed out. The newspaper revealed that it’s the first time Emily hasn’t been in the top ten since 1984.

Chronicle Live, meanwhile, highlighted the baby names that are at the greatest risk of becoming ‘extinct’ in the UK. It cited research carried out on the ONS data by Flowercard, which found that Kirsty and Lauren are two of the girls’ names that have seen a significant drop in popularity in recent years.

Where boys are concerned, Mitchell and Kieran are the most at risk. Other names falling out of favour with new parents include Shauna, Courtney, Brandon and Craig.

Whatever the latest arrival for your friends or families is named, buy them a wonderful new baby gift set to welcome them to the world.