How To Tell When Your Baby Is Ready For Solids

When you’re a new parent it seems as though you’re learning every day. Babies seem to grow up so fast and all of a sudden you’re thinking about weaning and when to try them on solid foods.

But how can you tell when your little one is ready to start the transition to eating solids? An article for Belfast Live recently offered some tips from Dr Kirsty Porter, a paediatric dietician, to help you decide when it’s time to take the plunge.

She explained that, in general, babies should start to wean when they are around six months old. This doesn’t mean that you stop breastfeeding or bottle feeding at this stage, but that you start introducing solids as a complementary part of their diet.

Dr Porter revealed three signs that your baby could be ready to try solid foods. The first is that they are able to sit up and hold their head steady. The second is being able to coordinate their eyes, hands and mouth, and the final one is looking at food, picking it up and putting in their mouths by themselves and swallowing it.

She also pointed out that in the early stages of weaning, it’s not about how much they eat.

“At the beginning the amount of food they are getting is not as important as introducing them to a variety of foods,” she said. Dr Porter also noted that it’s perfectly normal for your baby to want more food some days and less on others, or to reject everything.

Of course, this can sometimes lead to very messy mealtimes. But if you want some advice on how to clean your baby bandana bib, look no further than Mrs Hinch. OK! recently shared a top tip from the cleaning guru about how to get stains out of baby bibs.

It’s delightfully simple too - leave any stained bibs in bright, direct sunlight to dry once you’ve washed them and the stains will usually disappear.